1. Finally the pack and play versions carry enough reinforcement to use as a strap on harness (i.e. with a hard packer), as long as they’re used fairly carefully. 

    The idea is that you can wear them out and about but still get straight down to it when the time comes. You’re not gonna be doing acrobatics in them but they do give a bit of relief from awkward breaks while you get yourself dressed every time things get a bit spicy!

    The extra elastic around the hips and legs does mean that they aren’t gonna be for everyone for every day however, just down to a bit of loss of comfort, but they’ll do the odd day and definitely a night out.

    These do only really work in trunks (and possibly briefs, I haven’t tried them) but again any colour preferences, let me know. 

    They’re priced at around £10 each, just for the extra time and effort involved in making them, and also because of the necessity to add a button fly which means using 2 pairs of undies to make 1 pair of these.